Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation services aim to:
• Facilitate client recovery within the workplace.
• Identify and design duties for the client to enable an early return to work.
• Identify and provide rehabilitation strategies that ensure the client can safely perform their duties.
• Arrange appropriate re-training and placement in alternative employment when the client in unable to return to their pre-injury role.
• Provide work specific functional rehabilitation that address functional barriers.

A worksite assessment is an important component of vocational rehabilitation and may be utilised for acute injuries and those that occur via a gradual process. This includes a description of the workplace, job tasks and corresponding functional requirements for those tasks. Based on the assessment, recommendations can be made to assist with managing injuries, decreasing injury risk and improving work productivity.

Additional services such as pain management and concussion programmes, job search and post-placement support may also be required for clients engaged in vocational rehabilitation.

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