Manual Handling

Manual handling is inherent to many working roles and can include:
• Lifting
• Pushing and pulling
• Holding and restraining
• Carrying
• Packing
• Cleaning and sorting
• Using hand-tools
• Operating machinery and equipment

Typical risk factors for injury as a result of manual handling include:
• Fixed postures for prolonged periods of time.
• Cramped or poorly designed work spaces.
• Heavy loads that are difficult to lift and carry.
• Duration and frequency of times an object(s) is handled.
• Poorly designed or maintained equipment require more effort to lift and carry.
• Awkward loads are difficult to grasp, can be slippery or an awkward shape.

We run training sessions to educate groups and individuals about good posture, lifting techniques and how to make changes to the workplace to effectively prevent manual handling injuries.

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